DEBRA  BORASTON has more than 25 years experience working in PR, spanning all aspects of the performing arts as well as the  tourism and leisure industries.
From 1993 to 2000 she was managing director of Birdsong Public  Relations, a company which she founded as an independent  and autonomous division  of Harrison Parrott Ltd, one of Europe’s leading classical music  artist management agencies. While at Birsdsong she established an unrivalled reputation for diversity  and the ability to promote many different art forms, including opera,  jazz, classical & world music, dance, theatre, cinema and multi-discipline festivals.

She is praised  for her personal commitment and dedication to pursuing the widest possible media coverage, while maintaining the artistic integrity of her clients. Cultural tourism is also an area in which Debra has worked consistently over the years, in both consultancy and PR roles. Now freelance,  Debra is able to continue her personal commitment to clients and develop new projects in areas of special interest, including  dance and ballet. She has established a network of like-minded, independent PR associates as well as specialists in arts marketing and fundraising with whom she collaborates on a project basis so as to offer the most comprehensive service for her clients.